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KSG|GfS supports EPZ in changing the reactor control and limitation systems (RCLS) in the NPP Borssele


ESSEN, August 1, 2016 – The Simulator Center of KSG|GfS announced today the start of the RCLS test phase at the plant-specific simulator of NPP Borssele. Since 2014 the Simulator Center of KSG|GfS has supported the Dutch operating company EPZ in replacing the reactor control and limitation systems (RCLS) by the digital control system TELEPERM [...]


L-3 MAPPS to Supply Full Scope CANDU Simulator for Wolsong Unit 1


MONTREAL, April 12, 2016 – L-3 MAPPS announced today that it has secured a contract from Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (KHNP) to supply the full scope operator training simulator for the Wolsong Unit 1 (Wolsong 1) nuclear power plant. The project will start immediately, and the simulator is scheduled to be completed [...]


L-3 MAPPS to Upgrade Slovenia’s Krško Full Scope Simulator


MONTREAL, April 7, 2016 – L-3 MAPPS announced today that it signed a contract with Slovenia’s Nuklearna elektrarna Krško (NEK) to upgrade the full scope simulator for the Krško Nuclear Power Plant. The simulator upgrade is part of NEK’s Safety Upgrade Program (SUP) to modernize the plant to prevent severe accidents and to mitigate consequences [...]


The Generic VVER-1200 Simulator is declared as Ready For Training


Training for Viet Nam representatives was completed successfully in accordance to training plan agreed between parties. Simulator installation and Site Acceptance Test (SAT) were completed successfully in accordance to the SAT procedure agreed between parties in advance. Western Services Corporation through the IAEA contract held a two weeks training and site acceptance test of the [...]


Simulator delivered for China’s HTR-PM


WSC licensed CNPSC and INET (Tsinghua University’s Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology) to develop the simulator. Within 3KM, WSC modified Flowbase to include Helium (He) as the heat transfer medium as well as developing the heat structure in Flowbase. WSC was responsible for supporting integration of the reactor model in 3KM that was [...]


L-3 MAPPS Takes Part in Opening of Upgraded Sizewell B Simulator


MONTREAL, February 17, 2016 – L-3 MAPPS announced today that it participated in the official opening of EDF Energy’s upgraded Sizewell B plant training simulator on January 21, 2016 in Suffolk, U.K. The ceremony was attended by numerous EDF Energy representatives, including Jim Crawford, Sizewell B station director. L-3 MAPPS’ team was led by Michael [...]


L-3 MAPPS to Upgrade Cernavodă Simulator’s DCC Emulation


MONTREAL, January 21, 2016 – L-3 MAPPS announced today that it has won an order from Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica S.A. (“SNN”), a Romanian-based state-owned utilities company, to upgrade the Cernavodă full scope simulator’s emulation of the plant Digital Control Computers (DCCs). DCC systems are used to monitor and control the major reactor and power plant [...]


L-3 MAPPS to Deliver Severe Accident Simulator to Westinghouse for Project in Japan


MONTREAL, September 17, 2015 – L-3 MAPPS announced today that it has won an order from Westinghouse Electric Company to deliver a full-scale 1,000 MWe class pressurized water reactor (PWR) simulator equipped with severe accident simulation capability as part of a larger project that Westinghouse is fulfilling for a customer in Tokyo, Japan. The simulator [...]


University of Sharjah (UAE) – GPWR Simulators


WSC is providing to the University of Sharjah our GPWR Simulator and two GlassTops. The 1400 MW two-loop GPWR will serve as a training platform for the university’s Nuclear Engineering Undergraduate program. The simulator will allow students to be trained on the principles of nuclear plant operation, the basic concepts of power plant systems, and [...]


Millstone Unit 3 GlassTop Delivery and Millstone 2 News


WSC completed delivery and installation of the Millstone Unit 3 GlassTop Simulators. In April 2015, WSC completed delivery of two GlassTop Simulators to Dominion Nuclear Connecticut Millstone Unit 3. The Millstone 3 GlassTops include a complete set of new 3KEYMASTER panel graphics that communicate with a non-3KEYMASTER simulation platform. The GlassTops allow panel navigation through [...]


TerraPower – WSC Delivers Additional GlassTops


TerraPower’s 3KEYTOUCH fleet increases to five GlassTop Simulators and includes 3KEYCLASS Conductor software. In the Spring of 2015, WSC delivered 4 additional 3KEYTOUCH GlassTops to TerraPower for use with their Traveling Wave Reactor Prototype 3KEYMASTER simulator. The GlassTops are configured to allow use as standalone simulators or in a grouped mode where two or more [...]


WSC’s GPWR Enhances TRCC Nuclear Curriculum


“Just wrapped up our spring semester with the oral exams on the simulator this week. Things went quite well for the entire spring semester – the simulator is a definite plus for the program and a quality Capstone event.” Dr. Sherrard. In May 2015, Three Rivers Community College (TRCC) completed their nuclear course semester. However, [...]


NB Power (Canada) – Point Lepreau Simulator Re-host and Upgrade


In May 2015, WSC was awarded a contract by New Brunswick Power (NB Power) for the re-host and model upgrade project at the Point Lepreau Generating Station (PLGS) Training Simulator, which will be performed in two phases. The first phase includes porting the existing CANDU reactor’s simulator models to the 3KEYMASTER™ Simulation Environment, upgrading to [...]


Barakah (UAE) Simulator Achieves Ready For Training (RFT) Milestone.


In July 2015, the two Barakah full scope simulators, based on the latest available Unit 1 design data, were ready for reactor operator training. The simulators were developed by Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) and Western Services Corporation (WSC) for Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), who is the Prime Contractor for delivering four Advanced [...]


IAEA – Bangladesh & Vietnam Generic VVER-1000 Simulators


WSC delivered to the International Atomic Energy Commission (IAEA), under two separate contracts, GPWR simulators with a VVER-1000 design for use by the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission and Vietnam Atomic Energy Agency. In September 2015, both simulators were delivered to customers. The 3KEYMASTER Generic VVER-1000 Simulators will be used as training tools to teach students [...]


L-3 MAPPS to Upgrade Argentina’s Embalse Full Scope Simulator


MONTREAL, July 16, 2015 –L-3 MAPPS announced today that it has received a contract from Nucleoeléctrica Argentina S.A. (NA-SA) to upgrade the Embalse full scope simulator. Work will commence immediately and the upgraded simulator is expected to return to service in the third quarter of 2016. “L-3 MAPPS has enjoyed an excellent relationship with NA-SA [...]


L-3 MAPPS to Augment South Texas Project Simulators With Severe Accident Simulation


MONTREAL, June 4, 2015 – L-3 MAPPS announced today that it has reached an agreement with STP Nuclear Operating Company to upgrade the South Texas Project full scope and classroom simulators to L-3 MAPPS’ latest Orchid® simulation platform and to equip the simulators with severe accident simulation models. The project will begin soon and is [...]


L-3 MAPPS to Implement GE’s Main Generator Excitation System on the Cernavodă Simulator


MONTREAL, May 13, 2015 – L-3 MAPPS announced today that it has received an order from GE Energy Control Solutions (GE) to implement the new GE EX2100e main generator excitation control system on the Cernavodă full scope simulator owned and operated by Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica S.A. (“SNN”), a Romanian-based state-owned utilities company. The project is [...]


L-3 MAPPS Participates in Opening of Upgraded Heysham 1 Simulator


MONTREAL, November 18, 2014 – L-3 MAPPS announced today that it participated in the official opening of EDF Energy’s upgraded Heysham 1 plant training simulator on October 22, 2014 in Lancashire, United Kingdom (U.K.). The ceremony was attended by numerous EDF Energy representatives, including Mark Gorry, EDF Energy’s Region 1 chief nuclear officer, and Ian [...]


L-3 MAPPS to Replace St. Lucie Plant Simulator I/O System


MONTREAL, October 28, 2014 – L-3 MAPPS announced today that it has received another order from Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) to replace the input/output (I/O) system on the St. Lucie Plant full scope simulator. The I/O system is responsible for relaying operator actions to the simulation computer and for providing operators with visual [...]


GSE Awarded Over $17.5 Million in New Contracts Projects Span Major Energy Markets


SYKESVILLE, MD – October 1, 2014 – Global energy services solutions provider GSE Systems Inc. (NYSE MKT: GVP) (“GSE” or the “Company”) today announced the receipt of multiple contracts with an aggregate value of over $17.5 million. The new awards include nuclear, fossil, and oil and gas projects in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. [...]


L-3 MAPPS to Enhance U.K.’s Sizewell B Simulator and Launch Additional Training Media


MONTREAL, September 16, 2014 – L-3 MAPPS announced today that it has been awarded a contract by U.K.-based EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Limited to upgrade the Sizewell B simulator and to provide a host of other training devices to support both licensed and non-licensed operations personnel. The project is underway and is expected to be [...]


L-3 MAPPS to Furnish FPL’s St. Lucie Plant with Unit 1 Part-Task Trainer


MONTREAL, August 21, 2014 – L-3 MAPPS announced today that it was selected by Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) to supply a St. Lucie Plant Unit 1 part-task trainer. The trainer will be used by FPL for just-in-time training for Unit 1 shutdown cooling operations scheduled to take place in the first quarter of [...]


L-3 MAPPS to Update Ling Ao and Ling Ao Phase II Reactor Core Models


MONTREAL, August 14, 2014 – L-3 MAPPS announced today that it has signed a contract with Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operations and Management Company (DNMC), Ling Ao Nuclear Power Company (LANPC) and Ling Dong Nuclear Power Company (LDNPC) to provide reactor core model-related services for three simulators at the Daya Bay Training Center near Shenzhen, [...]


Holtec International SMR Awarded WSC multiple Simulation Assisted Engineering (SAE) Projects in support of the Holtec Small Modular Reactor SMR-160.


Since early 2012, WSC has worked actively to support the Holtec Internation Small Modular Reactor SMR in developing a test bed for this advanced small nuclear power plant. The latest award, which includes the 3KEYMASTER Modeling Tools, is a follow up to Holtec’s purchase of 3KEYRELAP5 Environment and Software in 2012. The primary goal of [...]