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NRG Webinars Service


As a specialist in online collaboration, NRG Webinars® connects you with anyone, anytime, anywhere with the use of the latest technology and delivers it in real-time online to the computer screen of your customers, anywhere, anytime in the world. NRG Webinars® can host and manage the whole Webinar for you, sharing powerful multimedia presentations through a secure and save way to your online delegates.

The NRG Webinars® solution will be used for connecting an online host´ presentation, including audio, to the online participants. Although face-to-face might be preferred, Webinars are more flexible and without restrictions of time and cost of traveling. This way nobody misses out on vital information due to budget and/or travel restrictions.

NRG Webinars® delivers its service with the use of the superior performance technology from Citrix Go-To-Meeting. With this leading online webinar technology NRG Webinars® helps you deliver compelling, live online Webinars to the computer screens of the online participants anywhere in the world and keeps the online conference as private and secure with exceptional security. No pre-installing or downloads required!

NRG Webinars® enables you to get a far larger reach and due to its professional expertise ensures a higher lead conversion with a lower cost per lead! Download Full Webinar info PDF Sheet

Only 1 link and no further download necessary.

  • Everybody can join. No firewall or other restrictions and only minimal PC requirements:
  • Any internet connection (>128 mbps)
  • All windows (> W´95) as well as MAC (OSX)
  • With optional headset or speakers connected to PC

NRG Webinars® will have a direct ROI and helps you to increase revenue! NRG Webinars® include these powerful set of features:

  • PRE EVENT: Plan and Promote
  • Set Automated Email Management with Personalized Templates.
  • Send out invites, confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups automatically. Increase attendance using attractive templates for HTML or text emails.
  • Custom Registration Questions and Lead Scoring.
  • Capture registrant information. Assign answer-based lead scores.

Make the most of every opportunity to connect with your prospects. Make promo materials, such as documents, PDFs, and video, available at registration and through pre- and post-event communications.

  • Registration Management with Attendance Control.
  • Ensure a smooth registration experience. Automate registrant approval and customize the filters.
  • We will train and prepare your speaker in a dry-run, to ensure a smooth presentation.

During the event:

  • Present Engaging Multimedia Content, deliver presentations using Flash,™ 3D objects, streaming video, and PowerPoint® with animations and transitions. Show preloaded content while attendees wait for your event.
  • Q&A, Chat, Polling, Attendance, and Annotation Tools.
  • Engage in Q&A privately, or with all attendees. Chat with panelists or attendees during the event. Hold audience interest with polling, chat, and annotation.
  • Follow Up and Cultivate
  • Post-Event Destination URL.
  • Direct attendees to a marketing URL, or other promotional destination, to access event recordings.

Post-Event Surveys and Follow-Up Emails.

  • Automatically send emails to registrants and attendees with links to recordings and surveys. View survey data in one secure location.
  • Score and Analyze
  • Custom and Standard Reports.
  • See registration and attendance, and identify your best leads. Use out-of the box reports, or tailor reports to your needs.
  • Lead Source Tracking and Measurement.
  • Identify your most effective sources for event registration.

Why NRG Webinars® for your Customers?

  • Access interactive high quality content directly live from your computer anytime, anywhere.
  • Learn from the sessions in your own time, you can play and replay whenever you like.
  • Share with colleagues and use it as a tool to stimulate discussion and support learning.
  • View streaming presentations and utilize practical resources.
  • No travel and accommodation expenses and no time out of the office.

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