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Should your tutor has certain demands for those format of your own exploration newspaper, check them before preparing one last draft. The most frequent formatting is shown here. Whenever you send in your paper, make sure you have a protect replicate. This list of will work reported shows up at the conclusion of the pieces of paper, after any endnotes. Start off their list with a new web page. The list has got the same functioning top of your head when the principal text. The page numbering during the jogging head persists uninterrupted through. One example is, if the text message within your research paper while using the supplied themes. So that you can stimulate and permit writers to completely cite and make on preceding do the job, the research section of paperwork could optionally carry on past the 8 page minimize for a couple of extra pages of content. Papers that do not conform to the newsletter guidelines cannot be approved for analysis and will also be given back towards the creators.

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EON Reality Inc

Virtual Reality for the Energy Sector – Improve Exploration, Planning, and Training

Virtual Reality applications, specifically for the Oil & Gas and Nuclear industries, provide simulation-based training that improves the efficiency of skills transfer, increases knowledge retention, and better captures enterprise knowledge within an organization. By preventing the rare low probability – high consequence events from occurring (such as loss of containment, explosions, and/or fires), companies can reduce the costs and risks associated with loss of infrastructure, environmental impact, production losses and training expenses.

Visualize complex survey results in an immersive 3D environment, provide simulation-based learning and interactive 3D training for exploration equipment (e.g. Vertical Seismic Profile, Fracing etc.), and educate key stakeholders in the art of geophysical exploration.

Review your facility design through interactive multi-user walkthroughs, assess and validate maintainability and operability in a lifelike 3D replica of the production site, and
evaluate safety aspects and “what-if” scenarios early in the design process.

Review upset scenarios to prevent lost production time, and train process personnel for sensitive and/or dangerous tasks and low probability – high consequence events in a safe and repetitive environment.