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Millstone Unit 3 GlassTop Delivery and Millstone 2 News

WSC completed delivery and installation of the Millstone Unit 3 GlassTop Simulators.

In April 2015, WSC completed delivery of two GlassTop Simulators to Dominion Nuclear Connecticut Millstone Unit 3. The Millstone 3 GlassTops include a complete set of new 3KEYMASTER panel graphics that communicate with a non-3KEYMASTER simulation platform. The GlassTops allow panel navigation through panning, zooming (devices can be operated at any level of zoom), and the 3KEYTOUCH Worldview, which displays the live annunciator status of all panels, and allows one-finger access to any panel section. The two GlassTops are configured for use as standalone simulators or they may be “joined” together, allowing for group training running from a common load.

Millstone 2 News: Earlier this year WSC began work on the panel graphics for the Millstone Unit 2 GlassTops, which will have all the features of the Unit 3 GlassTops and are scheduled for delivery in early 2016. In August, WSC was awarded a contract to provide a fully vertical 3-bay GlassTop panel with hard panel emulation of the Millstone 2 Fire Protection Panels for use in the Millstone 2 Simulator Control Room, which is also scheduled for delivery in early 2016.