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NB Power (Canada) – Point Lepreau Simulator Re-host and Upgrade

In May 2015, WSC was awarded a contract by New Brunswick Power (NB Power) for the re-host and model upgrade project at the Point Lepreau Generating Station (PLGS) Training Simulator, which will be performed in two phases. The first phase includes porting the existing CANDU reactor’s simulator models to the 3KEYMASTER™ Simulation Environment, upgrading to the 3KEYMASTER Instructor Station, replacing the existing Instructor Station P&IDs, developing a full set of control room soft panel graphics, and providing the necessary interface capabilities to retain the functionality of the existing stimulated systems and peripherals.

The second phase includes upgrading the existing reactor core thermal-hydraulics and neutronics models using our 3KEYRELAP5-RT (with NESTLE neutronics code) and WSC’s 3KEYMASTER hydraulic, electrical, logic and other Modeling Tools. Systems and models being upgraded are the Primary Heat Transport (PHT) including Pressurizer and Boiler, PHT Inventory Control (Feed and Bleed), Calandria, Annulus Gas, End Shield Cooling, and Shutdown Cooling. Phase 1 is scheduled for completion in six months and the phase 2 model upgrades are targeted to be ready for training approximately 12 months afterwards.