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WSC’s GPWR Enhances TRCC Nuclear Curriculum

“Just wrapped up our spring semester with the oral exams on the simulator this week. Things went quite well for the entire spring semester – the simulator is a definite plus for the program and a quality Capstone event.” Dr. Sherrard.

In May 2015, Three Rivers Community College (TRCC) completed their nuclear course semester. However, for this semester, WSC’s 3KEYMASTER GPWR Simulators running on the GlassTops were used to conduct the training and administer testing. TRCC considers having the GPWR as a major enhancement for the coursework and the student’s education. For further information about TRCC’s program, refer to an interview given by Dr. James Sherrard for an article featured in the Nuclear News January 2015 edition, “Education, Training & Workforce”. The article is available through under the news tab.