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At our events delegates are given the time and space to learn from others, reflect upon what works well and what mistakes can be avoided, discuss options for improving existing provision and explore the future of the Corporate University. Our now established and unique approach uses our “NRG Storyboard”.

This has five CHAPTERS and is graphically represented by an amoeba – changing its shape and focus in response to different environmental demands whilst at the same time providing a road map for the journey towards creation,growth and sustainability.

This CHAPTER focuses on BUSINESS, EDUCATIONAL or SOCIETAL NEEDS THAT CAN BE MET BY HAVING A CORPORATE UNIVERSITY and is likely to embrace wider employment issues such as talent management challenges and economic growth. Speakers are invited to position their presentations, knowledge, experience and thinking from one of these perspectives and address the gaps that a Corporate University might be able to meet. It does not discuss or promote specific exnrgtive education programs – see chapter 3 THIS CHAPTER REVIEWS HOW THE CORPORATE UNIVERSITY MODEL CAN MEET SPECIFIC REGIONAL NEEDS

This CHAPTER focuses on the DESIGN OF A CORPORATE UNIVERSITY AND THE RESOURCES IT NEEDS and speakers are invited to share their experiences of setting up a Corporate University and the lessons they have learned along the way. Of particular interest is their approach to developing robust systems and processes for managing CRM, INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE or PEOPLE within their own organisations. THIS CHAPTER OUTLINES THE RESOURCES NEEDED TO RUN A SUCCESSFUL CORPORATE UNIVERSITY

This CHAPTER focuses on the PROVISION OF LEARNING SERVICES and offers examples of innovative PROGRAMS, LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS and how LEARNING 2.0 TECHNOLOGY is being used. Speakers are invited to showcase their innovative approaches to exnrgtive leadership, education and training, and highlight examples of their advanced designs.THIS CHAPTER SHOWCASES EXCITING EXNRGTIVE EDUCATIONAL DESIGN AND DELIVERY PROVISION

This CHAPTER focuses on the EVIDENCE OF RESULTS AND VALUE ADDED BY A CORPORATE UNIVERSITY and what it brings to business and/or very specific country or regional needs. Speakers are invited to bring real CASE STUDIES to the Forum – and even a client or two with them – to talk about how their Corporate University intervention or program made a real difference to BUSINESS PERFORMANCE AND GROWTH. THIS CHAPTER PROVIDES REAL CASE STUDY EXAMPLES FROM CORPORATE UNIVERSITIES WITH REAL RESULTS

This CHAPTER not only brings the whole “Storyboard” together but also provides an opportunity to talk about the FUTURE OF THE CORPORATE UNIVERSITY either through a presentation or panel discussion. The focus is on INNOVATION and the next exciting phase for a Corporate University. Speakers are invited to present their views about QUALITY MANAGEMENT & CONTROL, for compliance to maintenance of standards; or QUALITY IMPROVEMENTCHANGE for sustainability and growth.THIS CHAPTER PROMOTES QUALITY AS THE KEY TO CORPORATE UNIVERSITY SUCCESS