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8th & 9th October 2013 Barcelona – Spain

Day One: 8th October

08.15 – 09.00
Morning coffee and registration exhibiting area

09.00 – 09.10
Opening remarks from the Chairman Michael Chatlani L-3 Mapps

09.10 – 09.50
L3-MAPPS – Raymond Dimitri-Hakim, Proposals Specialist Power Systems & Simulation – A New Approach to Understanding NPP Transients

  • Can new technological solutions be used to illustrate complex nuclear plant response to abnormal, off-normal and emergency events?
  • Can such solutions be used for Nuclear New Build countries?
  • Can this be done without the need to purchase a plant-specific simulator?
  • L-3 MAPPS believes it can be done and will present its proposed way forward

09.50 – 10.30
NEK – Matjaz Zvar, Training Manager at Krsko Nuclear Power Plant

  • Thirteen years of full scope plant specific simulator experience at NEK
  • Overview of the use of the simulator:
  • for training of Non-licensed field operators
  • for training of Licensed operators
  • for Severe accident training
  • for emergency preparedness drills
  • Future plans for simulator upgrade

10.30 – 11.00
Coffee, exhibition and networking sessions

nuclear simulation power plant energy training

11.00 – 11.40
EDF Energy – George Borlodan, NNB Pre-Operations Director

  • Nuclear New Build Simulator Strategy
  • Scheduling Challenges for Simulator Delivery
  • Design Engineering Interfaces
  • Key Simulator Specifications
  • Demands on Simulator Use

11.40 – 12.20
Electrabel – Wim van Rompay, Head of Training Operations, Doel NPP

  • Field Simulator in Doel NPP
  • Electrabel, what do we do?
  • Short description of our simulators: full scope & field simulator
  • The Field simulator strategy: Why a field simulator?
  • The Field simulator hardware: How is it designed?
  • The Field simulator training: Who trains, Who instructs?

12.20 – 13.00
WSC – Oussama Ashy – Director Business Development – Expanding the Role of your Simulation Investment

  • Using Simulation to V&V DCS Upgrades, before Commissioning
  • Your Simulation Load, Soft Panel Graphics and Touch Screens – an ideal learning platform
  • Taking Simulation to the Classroom
  • Advances in access to simulator training
  • Add Intelligent Tutoring (Instructorless Lessons) to your Simulation
  • Provide your Simulation (and ITS Lessons) to students over the Web

13.00 – 14.15
Networking Lunch

14.15 – 14.55
TECNATOM – Fernando Ortega, Pablo Rey Alonso Jefe Desarrollo Simuladores and NA-SA Nucleoeléctrica Argentina – Diego Garde – Simulation as a direct facilitator of engineering and operation

  • This presentation explains how to integrate simulators into NPP exploitation activities in order to improve the safety and reliability of the plant, and shows some of the most relevant experiences.

14.55 – 15.35
ISS – Chris Allison, GM – Why do we need detailed best estimate models and codes like RELAP/SCDAPSIM?

  • Severe accident behavior is complex with liquefaction and relocation of core materials occurring at temperatures ranging from 1500 – 2800K and the influence of water addition varying from core cooling ßà accelerating core heating and melting because of chemical interactions between steam and core materials.
  • RELAP/SCDAPSIM incorporates best knowledge from severe accident experiments and TMI-2 accident evaluation
  • Accuracy of models and correlations proven through international validation activities
  • Detailed models and codes more easily scalable from integral experiments and existing data base to new plant designs and conditions
  • Detailed models less sensitive to knowledge and experience of end users
  • Detailed severe accident codes and models will play important role in preventing and mitigating any future severe accidents
  • Regional university based severe accident training centers will help train new generation of nuclear engineers
  • Detailed codes and models will help with the implementation of Fukushima lessons learned
  • Desktop severe accident simulators can help validate full scope simulators with simplified severe accident models and codes

Why are simplified integral codes like MAAP and MELCOR not good enough for training or assessment of un-expected conditions?

  • Important phenomena ignored for simplicity and performance
  • Simplified core slumping models can significantly under predict melt stored energy and hydrogen production
  • Simplified quenching models can predict cooling even in cases where experiments show that accelerated heating and melting may occur
  • Simplified codes rely heavily on the experience of the end user and input model developer

15.35 – 16.15
Vattenfall, Jan Blomgren, Senior Expert Nuclear Education – “Simulations in Nuclear Business Training of CEOs and Potential Executives”.

Complex real-time decision making, like for pilots in aviation and nuclear power plant operators, are well suited for simulator training. Executive business leadership resembles these mentioned activities in being complex, with risk of grave consequences due to poor decisions. Recently, we have developed business simulations, in which top management can practice decision-making, acting as the management team of a fictitious nuclear power plant.

16.15 – 16.45
Coffee, exhibition and networking sessions

nuclear simulation power plant energy training

16.45 – 17.25
University of Pisa, Alessandro Petruzzi, PhD, Thermal-hydraulic and Nuclear Safety Analysis, Nuclear Research Group of San Piero a Grado (GRNSPG) / Nuclear and INdustrial Engineering (NINE)

  • Challenges of BEPU Application in the Licensing of Current Generation of Reactors: the case of Atucha-2 NPP
  • The learning process through our courses and NUTEMA Facility (
  • Advanced Trainings in Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty and 3D Coupled Code Applications for regulators, utilities and vendors

nuclear simulation power plant energy training

17.25 – 18.05
Iberdrola – Cesar Serrano, Specialist Engineer in the Safety & Licensing Area of Nuclear Division

  • The role of engineering as support of the emergencies training and management during a severe accident
  • The Fukushima accident has identified areas for improvement in the safety of NPPs. One of them is the importance of a proper training in severe accidents for the operators and the existence of resources in emergency support centers for that phase of the accident. The severe accident simulation tools provide relevant information on severe accident progression and the feasibility of operating strategies in the different phases of the accident. The codes that support these tools are usually handled by the engineering, due to its difficulty of use, for PSA and others applications, mainly. The integration of these tools in the management of the accident will greatly enhance the emergency management resources. For it is very important to develop a preliminary work program between the NPP staff and the engineering and to test it through the training program in severe accident.

18.05 – 20.00
We will end the day with a special networking session in the exhibition area. This will be the perfect platform to meet people in a relaxed manner.

Day Two: 9th October

08.30 – 09.00
Welcome coffee exhibiting area and opening remarks from the Chairman Michael Chatlani L-3 Mapps

09.00 – 09.40
GSE Systems – Antanas Romas, Thermal Hydraulics Modeling Expert – “MCS2SIM ‒ Method Allowing Application of PSA Results in Simulators”

  • Introduction to the basic idea of the MCS2SIM method using PSA-HD severe accident simulation platform
  • Application of Fault Tree and Event Tree analyses in two Swedish training simulators
  • Prerequisites needed to apply the MCS2SIM method

09.40 – 10.20
NEL Nuclear Engeneering LTD & GSE Systems – Shigeo Kodama, Manager of Design Service Division at Nuclear Engineering, Ltd.”Practical example of using full-scope simulator in a university’s class”

10.20 – 10.50
Coffee, exhibition and networking sessions

10.50 – 11.30
IRSN – Philippe Dufeil, Mgr Sofia Simulator Project – SOFIA simulator, an effective tool to enhance nuclear safety, in constant improvement

A brief presentation of SOFIA simulator. The development of the simulator with AREVA and L-3 MAPPS. Its simulation scope.

  • The uses of SOFIA at IRSN
  • The scheduled improvements for the simulator, the auxiliary systems changed by Orchid ME models

11.30 – 12.10
L-3 MAPPS – Robert Boire, Director, Proposals Engineering – Severe Accident Simulation on Full Scope Training Simulators

  • While the capability has existed for a long time, the devastation at Fukushima Daiichi in 2011 has prompted further demand for severe accident simulation (SAS) on training simulators
  • L-3 MAPPS will discuss its implementation of SAS on real-time training simulators using EPRI’s Modular Accident Analysis Program (MAAP)
  • L-3 MAPPS will also present the visualization method used by operators to see the effects of severe accidents

12.10 – 12.50
KSG GfS – Wolfgang Wischert, Business Development and Project Management – Training simulators as an extended test bed for plant modifications and plant transient analysis

  • The “validated” training simulator
  • Emulation, Stimulation, and Design Codes
  • Digital control systems
  • Plant process computers
  • Design Codes
  • Test strategy and commissioning procedure
  • Risk minimization


12.50 – 14.20
Networking Lunch

14.20 – 15.10
Panel Discussion – Simulation for Nuclear New Build

  • What’s the real challenge with simulators for Nuclear New Builds (NNB)?
  • What about incorporating DCS’s on full scope simulators?
  • Some key technical features for managing NNB simulator projects
  • What to look for if you use simulation technology to assist in plant engineering?

nuclear simulation power plant energy training

15.10 – 15.50
Fortum – Kari Porkholm, Head of Modelling and Simulation Department

  • Apros Simulation Software and its Applications
  • New developments & Engineering applications TPP – NPP
  • Safety analysis
  • Training simulators TPP – NPP
  • Apros Simulation Software and its Applications
  • Use of Apros in Loviisa I&C renewal project

15.50 – 16.20
Coffee, exhibition and networking sessions

16.20 – 17.00 TBC Nuclear Simulation for Safety Analysis / Severe Accident Simulation

17.00 – 17.40
SCK•CEN Academy – Gert Van den Eynde, Head of Expert Group Nuclear Systems’ Physics – SCK•CEN Academy: providing education and training for NPPs

17.40 Closing remarks from the Chairman and end of forum.

Latest News

L-3 MAPPS to Supply Full Scope CANDU Simulator for Wolsong Unit 1


MONTREAL, April 12, 2016 – L-3 MAPPS announced today that it has secured a contract from Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (KHNP) to supply the full scope operator training simulator for the Wolsong Unit 1 (Wolsong 1) nuclear power plant. The project will start immediately, and the simulator is scheduled to be completed […]


L-3 MAPPS to Upgrade Slovenia’s Krško Full Scope Simulator


MONTREAL, April 7, 2016 – L-3 MAPPS announced today that it signed a contract with Slovenia’s Nuklearna elektrarna Krško (NEK) to upgrade the full scope simulator for the Krško Nuclear Power Plant. The simulator upgrade is part of NEK’s Safety Upgrade Program (SUP) to modernize the plant to prevent severe accidents and to mitigate consequences […]


The Generic VVER-1200 Simulator is declared as Ready For Training


Training for Viet Nam representatives was completed successfully in accordance to training plan agreed between parties. Simulator installation and Site Acceptance Test (SAT) were completed successfully in accordance to the SAT procedure agreed between parties in advance. Western Services Corporation through the IAEA contract held a two weeks training and site acceptance test of the […]


Simulator delivered for China’s HTR-PM


WSC licensed CNPSC and INET (Tsinghua University’s Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology) to develop the simulator. Within 3KM, WSC modified Flowbase to include Helium (He) as the heat transfer medium as well as developing the heat structure in Flowbase. WSC was responsible for supporting integration of the reactor model in 3KM that was […]


L-3 MAPPS Takes Part in Opening of Upgraded Sizewell B Simulator


MONTREAL, February 17, 2016 – L-3 MAPPS announced today that it participated in the official opening of EDF Energy’s upgraded Sizewell B plant training simulator on January 21, 2016 in Suffolk, U.K. The ceremony was attended by numerous EDF Energy representatives, including Jim Crawford, Sizewell B station director. L-3 MAPPS’ team was led by Michael […]


L-3 MAPPS to Upgrade Cernavodă Simulator’s DCC Emulation


MONTREAL, January 21, 2016 – L-3 MAPPS announced today that it has won an order from Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica S.A. (“SNN”), a Romanian-based state-owned utilities company, to upgrade the Cernavodă full scope simulator’s emulation of the plant Digital Control Computers (DCCs). DCC systems are used to monitor and control the major reactor and power plant […]


GSE Awarded Over $17.5 Million in New Contracts Projects Span Major Energy Markets


SYKESVILLE, MD – October 1, 2014 – Global energy services solutions provider GSE Systems Inc. (NYSE MKT: GVP) (“GSE” or the “Company”) today announced the receipt of multiple contracts with an aggregate value of over $17.5 million. The new awards include nuclear, fossil, and oil and gas projects in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. […]


Holtec International SMR Awarded WSC multiple Simulation Assisted Engineering (SAE) Projects in support of the Holtec Small Modular Reactor SMR-160.


Since early 2012, WSC has worked actively to support the Holtec Internation Small Modular Reactor SMR in developing a test bed for this advanced small nuclear power plant. The latest award, which includes the 3KEYMASTER Modeling Tools, is a follow up to Holtec’s purchase of 3KEYRELAP5 Environment and Software in 2012. The primary goal of […]


WSC Awarded a Full Scope Replica Touch Screen Control Room Simulator based on the WSC 3KEYTOUCH Product Line


*H.B. Robinson Nuclear Power Plant CRGTS under construction Duke Energy, H.B. Robinson Nuclear Power Plant is undergoing a major plant upgrade to replace their existing turbine controls with a new distributed control system (DCS). To provide a means to train the plant operators on the new DCS prior to the system implementation in the plant, […]


The First APR1400 Simulator Delivered to UAE ENEC Barakah Nuclear Power Plant


*ENEC Barakah Simulator “FSS1” Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) was selected by the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) to provide four (4) Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor (APR1400) Nuclear Power Plants for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As part of this massive project, Korea Hydro Nuclear Power (KHNP) and Western Services Corporation (WSC) are responsible for […]


Hungary`s PAKS NPP Training & Simulation Center exclusive Tour


We are very proud to announce PAKS NPP as an Strategic Partner at the “3rd Annual European Nuclear Power Plant Simulation Forum¨ on the 24th – 25th – 26th of September 2014. The event will take place in the beautiful city of Budapest at the 5 stars venue Sofitel Chain Bridge Hotel which by the […]


Seminar and Training on Scaling Uncertainty and 3D Coupled Code Calculations in Nuclear Technology


The 3D S.UN.COP 2013 in Barcelona, Spain will be the fifteenth seminar of its kind organized since 2004. The Seminar will provide a transfer of experience and know-how from recognized experts in the fields of Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty methods, Scaling Analysis, System Thermal-Hydraulic calculations including 3D Neutron Kinetics Coupling techniques. Licensing aspects in connection […]


Tecnatom’s Full Scope Simulators & Severe Accident. A different training approach


Tecnatom completed the integration of a severe accident module into the Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant Classroom Simulator. The severe accident module is based on the Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI) Modular Accident Analysis Program, MAAP4(*). This code allows the calculation of the progression of a severe accident in a nuclear power plant, up until a […]


Memories: Nuclear Training & Simulation China Forum 2013


On the 20th and 21st of June 2013 NRG Events hosted the very first Nuclear Training & Simulation China Forum. The event took place in the amazing 5-star Peninsula Hotel in Beijing After meeting with and talking to some of the key people and organizations in the Chinese Nuclear Industry, we found out that there […]


Simulator for Shandong NPP Unit 1 Ready for Operator Training


Lately Westinghouse completed its turnover of Unit 1 simulator to CPI’s Shandong Nuclear Power Company, marking a new milestone for Haiyang NPP that Unit 1 simulator is ready for operator training. The simulator of Haiyang NPP Unit 1 is based on engineering data of Unit 1 & 2 and engineered and manufactured by US-based Westinghouse. […]


China: First AP1000 operators get training on GSE Simulators


Source WNN: The simulators, supplied by GSE Systems (LEAD Sponsor at the “Nuclear Training & Simulation Forum” Beijing 20th – 21st June), are housed in replica control rooms at the Sanmen and Haiyang sites. They use the same instrumentation and controls as will be used in the actual operator workstations. So far, 34 prospective […]


China Nuclear Human Capital: Where to Find the Staff ?


Source: China is facing a major dilemma in finding the skilled human resources needed for safe nuclear expansion. To accomplish its goals, China needs to train labor to build the plants to a proper standard, educate engineers in plant design, train operators to run the many plants it has planned and staff its regulatory […]


China Is Paving a New Nuclear Path. The way forward on nuclear power is pretty clear: It’s in China.


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NRC proposes first post-Fukushima safety standards


The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) on Feb. 17 proposed three rules to address safety-related issues following the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan. The rules, the first since the NRC established its task force to recommend safety enhancements at all U.S. nuclear plants, were proposed to commissioners in a memo […]


Groups sign agreement to build and operate Poland’s first nuclear power plant


Polish companies Polska Grupa Energetyczna SA (PGE), KGHM Polska Miedź SA, Tauron Polska Energia SA and Enea SA, said they will prepare a draft agreement for the acquisition of shares in PGE EJ 1 sp. z o.o., a special purpose company directly responsible for the preparation of an investment process for the construction and operation […]


EnergySolutions moves into next phase of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant clean-up contract


EnergySolutions (NYSE: ES) on Sept. 12 said it has entered into the second phase of its contract with Toshiba Corp. as part of the on-going remediation of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. Previously selected in March as the technology provider for the clean-up of the large volume of radioactively contaminated water […]


Construction milestone met at Chinese nuclear power project


Construction of two Areva EPR reactors at the Taishan nuclear power station in China reached a new stage of development Sept. 12, EDF and Areva said. The owner and future site operator, Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Co. (TNPJVC), which is 30 percent owned by EDF and 70 percent owned by its Chinese partner, the […]