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As a specialist in online collaboration, NRG Webinars® connects you with anyone, anytime, anywhere with the use of the latest technology and delivers it in real-time online to the computer screen of your customers, anywhere, anytime in the world. NRG Webinars® can host and manage the whole Webinar for you, sharing powerful multimedia presentations through a secure and save way to your online delegates.

The NRG Webinars solution will be used for connecting an online host´ presentation, including audio, to the online participants. Although face-to-face might be preferred, Webinars are more flexible and without restrictions of time and cost of traveling. This way nobody misses out on vital information due to budget and/or travel restrictions.

NRG Webinars Presentations

In the build up to our event, we will be presenting a series of webinars with key speakers involved in the NRG Global Forum. They will be highlighting some of the the key challenges, initiatives and viewpoints from across the continent.

  • Follow our schedule and join us for our free webinar series.

Next Webinars

WATCH RECORDINGS: Virtual Reality for the O&G Industry

Mr Joe Cheben will be sharing different strategies, products, services and know-how in training and process simulation for the Oil & Gas Industry

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WATCH RECORDINGS:From fundamental to highly technical training strategies with high-fidelity simulations of plants and facilities

Thursday 16th January - 06:00 USA CT Time - 13:00 Barcelona - 16:00 Abu Dhabi REGISTER NOW!

George Dzyacky, RSI Director of Training Services will be sharing different strategies, products, services and know-how in training and process simulation for the Oil & Gas Industry

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WATCH RECORDINGS: Virtual Reality Simulation for Nuclear Training

Monday 30th September - 10:00 USA EST Time - 16:00 Barcelona

TECNATOM’s Susana López will be sharing with us new insights on how the Simulators established as a main tool on training and operations efficiency.

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WATCH RECORDINGS: 3-D Visualization to Enhance Nuclear Learning

WATCH THE RECORDINGS! Thursday 25th July - 10:00 USA EST Time - 16:00 Barcelona / Register NOW!

L-3 MAPPS’ Raymond Dimitri will be sharing with us how various applications of 3-D visualization can enhance nuclear learning and what L-3 MAPPS is doing to share its expertise

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WATCH RECORDINGS: Nuclear Severe Accident Simulation

WATCH THE RECORDINGS! Thursday 6th June - 10:00 USA EST Time - 16:00 Barcelona

Chris Allison – ISS – GM. Improving Nuclear Safety through Simulation. Severe Accident Simulation – Why do we need detailed best estimate codes and models? A case study on preventing and managing Future Accidents Like Fukushima Daiichi

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